Astrology from A to Z

In this online-course, you will learn the basics of drawing up horoscopes for yourself and your loved ones. Become an astrologer in 5 months!

What In Package

Many people have passed this course before you, a lot of material awaits you, namely:
46 lessons, an average of 3 hours = 138 hours of practice, video recordings, webinars. All this in order to make the training effective, high-quality and enjoyable.

In one course, you will master the 3 main areas of modern astrology:

Natal astrology

Just by looking at the drawing of a natal chart, you can tell a lot about a person’s life – about his work, career, finances, about what he is like with children, with his spouse, etc.

Predictive astrology

Learn with the help of astrological methods to reveal the “drawing of fate” of a person, to find important milestones and events in his life.

Elective astrology

You will be able to solve important tasks and current problems (from choosing a day for a significant date and major acquisitions – to providing assistance with infertility).

How is the course

1. We provide information in full, each lesson lasts from 2 to 4 hours. The timing of training is optimal, only thematic information, no “water”.

2. We believe that people are equal and each person can receive quality training in astrology. That is why the prices are the same for everyone, and the cost is optimal (just compare with competitors).

3.Our classes are accompanied by homework and tests, in addition, you can consult a teacher or like-minded people in the Facebook group (more than 1000 of our graduates).